Welcome to the Feral 7.3 Quicksheet


* Damage of all abilities incrased by 40%
* Clearcasting now affects Brutal Slash
* Bloodtalons is now a 20% damage increase (down from 50%) but now procs from Entangling Roots.
* Moment of Clarity reworked; now doubles the proc chance of Clearcasting, allows Clearcasting to stack to 2 stacks and makes Clearcasting increase the damage of Shred, Thrash, Swipe & Brutal Slash by 20% and also increases maximum energy by 30.
* Tear the Flesh (Rake Damage Artefact trait) decreased to 6% (down from 7%) per rank.
* Thrash now cost 45 energy (down from 50) and now generate combo points
* Jagged Wounds now only reduces duration of bleeds by 20% (down from 33%) and is now in the Level 75 row (replacing Savage Roar).
* Savage Roar now lasts 50% longer, and only increases damage by 15% and is now in the Level 90 row (replacing Elunes Guidance), no longer snapshots dots but still affect them while active.
* Brutal Slash was moved to the level 90 row, replacing Jagged Wounds.
* Elunes Guidance was moved to the level 100 row, replacing Brutal Slash and now has 30 sec cooldown, and only generates 5 combo points over time (down from 8).
* Incarnation now only reduces energy cost by 50%. 
* Sabertooth now increased Ferocious Bite damage by 20%
* Rebirth is now castable in all forms instantly, and no longer consumed predatory swiftness.
* Swipe now costs 40 energy (down from 45).



New top build for single-target:

New top build for cleave:

New top build for AoE:

Relics (and Netherlight Crucible "Powers"):

Guideline values for various builds can be found here in Guiltyas' relic calculator.


Tier 19 2pc: Changed to 15% thrash damage. Tier 19 4pc: Reduced to 8% per bleed.

Not much to say about this, 2pc still ok on AoE but will eventually fall out of use from item level.

Convergence of fates: is better with Incarnation builds, so you should probably resim it vs your current trinkets if you still hold on to one. Keep in mind that the value is heavily dependant on fight length, if you don't get an extra use it is near useless - if you are simming, the default fight length is often 5 minutes.


Bloodmallet has compiled trinkets for a lot of classes. You can find his site here


Pooling: is still a dps gain as it allows you to handle different situations better, but much less important to maintain uptimes. If you have a good grasp on pooling already, you can keep doing what you are doing - but don't stress out about it.

Thrash on ST is back, if you are using Luffa you want to maintain Thrash using CC procs just like back with T19. If you don't have Luffa, don't bother.

Clipping is still around, clip any Rake less than 7 seconds remaining for a stronger one. Clip any Rip less than 80% of duration (so less than 19 or so seconds) for a stronger one. Clip Thrash on AoE just as before.


(Keep in mind that you don't neccesarily only want to refresh in pandemic (see section above this))

Thrash: 4.5s without JW, 3.6 with JW.

Rip: 7.2 (With T20-4pc: 8.4) without JW. 5.76s with JW (With T20-4pc: 6.72)

Rake: 4.5s without JW, 3.6 with JW.

Alternative builds:

Brutal Slash is only a 3% dps loss versus Savage Roar, using it single-target is still a dps loss in all situations (any combination of stats, relics, legendaries so far suggested does not affect this) - but small enough that some people suggest using it for single-target. I leave that decision to you.

When using Brutal Slash single-target, you do want to weave it into Tiger's Fury windows. Is it worth to BT them? Yeah, but not at the expense of non-shreds. If you have Ailuros for example you definitely want to pool them so that you can burn them and BrS inside your TF window. If you have to use a BrS charge outside of TF (which shouldn't happen on Single-Target), feel free to BT it however. Additionally, despite the damage increase from Moment of Clarity - you do not want to spend Clearcasting procs with BrS on single-target either as you waste a lot of energy regen.

Lunar Inspiration is still fine for cleave (it's also slightly closer on ST, but is still noticably behind) if you are not using Wildshaper's Clutch but is not a big dps gain over blood scent so do not feel any pressure to use it if you don't like it.

Predator is still good if you get reliable procs, nothing has changed here.

Moment of Clarity is very close with Bloodtalons, but practically never surpasses it (especially since BT is much more reliable and consistent). In just about any build it's a decent choice if you hate Bloodtalons for whatever reason.

Sabertooth is technically viable-ish but never ahead of SR on ST, or BrS on multi-target. There is no performance reason to pick this talent, but if you like it - it's not too bad of a dps loss (but you really want to use BT with this if you do).

Soul of the Forest (when not from the ring) is alright, but never better than the other two talents. Most people would probably get this from the Soul of the Archdruid legendary anyway but is not recommended.

Jagged Wounds is still alright, but is mostly behind Incarnation. It's pretty close in some cleave situations (you can sim this yourself) but will never really yield you a major increase over Incarnation, it is however worth noting that this build scales noticably better - so it is plausible that it will improve over time as gear improves. You only lose a few percentage points dps so it's technically possible to play the old meta build should you desire it.

Elunes Guidance is still a dead talent in all situations.


Soul of the Archdruid is still the best legendary in most situations, although it's lead is smaller so it's not as mandatory as in the past.

Chatoyant is slightly worse, but still an alright choice - situationally very useful because it allow you to pool longer (such as when you have forced downtime, think Fallen Avatar) and for holding energy from Predator procs.

Ideally you always want to use atleast one of these two rings.

Behemoth Headdress is still the second best legendary for single-target in most situations.

Wildshaper is slightly (but not much) better on patchwerk than it used to be, it is still behind Behemoth and still worse on AoE than Luffas. If you, however, end up on a fairly static cleave fight and can spare the Tier slot - it's a good choice.

Luffa Wrappings is still the AoE king legendary, usually coupled either with Chatoyant & Predator (For AoE focus), or Soul of the Archdruid (for ST focus with cleave secondary).

Other legendaries are alright, and the bigger stat ones (Fiery Red Maimers and Ekowraith in particular) as well as Cinidaria are decent substitutes if you lack something else.