Getting started with Feral

This section will introduce all core abilities and passives feral has and explain how they fit together in a rough way. This page is intended to for beginning ferals.

The basic abilities



Is one of the core feral dots. Rake deals relatively high initial damage and leaves a strong dot behind. When cast it will generate one combo point, and a second combo points on crit.


Is our primary single-target generator. Shred deals moderately large damage. Generates one combo point, and an additional one on crit, and has a higher than normal chance to crit.


Is the equivallent of Shred but for AoE and deals a moderate amount of damage to all nearby targets. It also generate one combo point if it hits atleast one target, and an additional combo point if ANY of the targets hit deals a critical strike. You normally want to use Swipe instead of Shred on 2+ targets.


Is the AoE compliment to Rake and deals a moderate amount of damage up-front and a large amount of damage over time. Both the damage and range of this ability is massively increased by the Luffa Wrappings legendary. Combo point generation works the same as for Swipe and will generate one combo point if it hits atleast one target, and an additional one if any of the hits crits.


Is our primary finisher, it consumes all combo points to put a strong dot on the target. This ability should always be used at 5 combo points.

Ferocious Bite

(Abrev. FB) Is our secondary finisher, it consumes all combo points to deal large direct damage. The basic cost is 25 energy, but it will burn up to 25 extra energy (for a total of 50) to deal additional damage. If used on a target in execute range (below 25%) with an active Rip it will refresh it to full duration regardless of how many combo points/energy was spent.

Tiger's Fury:

(Abrev. TF) Is a short cooldown, it will restore a large amount of energy (Majority instantly, and a significant chunk over a few seconds) and increase all damage dealt by 15% for a few seconds. It also gives a minor Versatility buff to you and a few allies.

Ashamane's Frenzy:

(Abrev. AF) Is a medium long cooldown, it will deal a large amount of damage over a short duration to a single-target, during AF you also deal 30% damage to the target. It can be really good at bursting down priority adds.


Is a long cooldown, it increases damage delt, increases the max size of the energy pool and reduces the energy costs of all abilities for 15 seconds.

Notable passives

Omen of Clarity:

is a passive that gives your auto-attacks a chance to proc Clearcasting. Clearcasting causes your next Shred, Thrash, Swipe or Brutal Slash to consume no energy.

Ashamane's Bite:

(Abrev. AB) is a passive that gives you a chance to proc Ashamanes Rip (Abrev. AR) when you use a generator spell on a target with an active Rip. Ashamanes Rip is a copy of that Rip, and maintain the same damage modifiers & duration.

Shadow Thrash:

(Abrev. ShT) is a passive that gives you a chance to proc Shadow Thrash when you cast Thrash. Shadow Thrash deals a lot of damage over a few seconds, it looks like a purple circle that spawns under your character when it procs.

Scent of Blood:

(Abrev. SoB): is a passive that will give you a buff for a few seconds when you cast Thrash. This buff will reduce the cost of Swipes by 2 energy per target hit.

How they fit together (Basic Rotation/Priority):

When you have 5 combo points the priority is:

0: If you are about to use Ferocious Bite, wait until you have more than 50 energy.

1: Ferocious Bite, if Rip is active and the target has less than 25% remaining health

2: Rip, if there is a target without Rip (Multi-dot on several targets) or if the current Rip has less than 30% duration remaining (Normally, this means 7.2 seconds)

3: Ferocious Bite

When you have less than 5 combo points:

1: Rake, if it has less than 30% duration remaining (Normally, this means 4.5 seconds) or there is a target without Rake.

2: Thrash, if it has less than 30% duration remaining and there are two or more enemies in range.

2: Swipe, if it would hit more two or more targets.

3: Shred.

How to use cooldowns:

  • Tiger's Fury, used as often as possible but ideally you want to avoid wasting any energy, so try and cast it when you have space for atleast 60 energy.

  • Ashamane's Frenzy, as often as possible - but if TF is nearly available you can wait to line them up. (Do not wait too long however, as its quite easy to lose a use if you delay it too much. A rule of thumb is 5-10 seconds tops)

  • Berserk, use often always line it up to use it with the next Tiger's Fury. (And Ashamane's Frenzy too if possible)

AoE priorities:

If between 2 and 5 targets that lives more than 5-6 seconds (Cleave):

At a large number of targets (AoE):

  • Stop using Ferocious Bite entirely when there are more than 4-5 targets.
  • Stop using Rip entirely if the targets won't live longer than 7-8 seconds or if there are more than 8 targets.
  • Stop multi-dot Rake around 5 targets or if they won't live for 5 seconds.
  • The basic rotation becomes using Thrash for a Scent of Blood proc, and then spam Swipes until the buff is down after which you let energy build up (pool) until you have enough for another burst cycle.

Basic talents:

When you are starting out with a new specialization it can feel overwhelming with a lot of buttons, this set of talents is not always optimal but it is often good enough and allow you to start out slightly easier.


Bloodscent Bloodscent - (Abreviation. BS) Gives you increased crit chance when you attack targets with your bleeds on them, since all targets should be bleeding practically all the time you don't have to worry about this.

Incarnation Incarnation (Abreviation. Inc) Replaces Berserk with a stronger Incarnation, which provides the same effect but lasts longer, allows you to stealth once in combat and makes Shred/Rake behave as if they were cast in stealth (which massively increases their damage).

Brutal Slash Brutal Slash (Abreviation. BrS) Replaces Swipe with the much stronger Brutal Slash ability. It deals massive damage om AoE with 3 charges (and with a hasted cooldown of 12 seconds).

Moment of Clarity Moment of Clarity (Abreviation. MoC) Empowers your Omen of Clarity proc, doubling the proc chance, allows it to stack to two and increases the damage of Shred, Swipe, Thrash and Brutal Slash by 20% when they consume the charges.

How do I play with these talents?

Bloodscent makes no difference to your normal gameplay since you are always maintaining bleeds anyway.

Incarnation doesn't change the rotation much in theory, but the increased crit on shred makes it feel slightly different from Berserk.

Moment of Clarity at a baseline changes nothing, except speeding your rotation up slightly - but it does have a slight interaction with Brutal Slash below.

Brutal Slash, on AoE this is the coolest thing in our kit and deals large damage in an AoE, but at the cost of the spammable Swipe ability.