Feral in Antorus:

Is Feral good in Antorus?

While its hard to speculate without numbers - my current opinion is that it will be a good progression spec but probably fall off in terms of damage output on farm.

All of this is heavily subject to balance changes.


As your average item level keeps increasing (which means that your overall amounts of stats are increasing as well) you will end up getting way more agility than any other stat. Because of how stats work as multipliers to eachother, this means that secondary stats (the smaller multipliers compared to the massive agility stack) keeps increasing in value.

As your gear get to around heroic anotrus level (or beyond), secondary stats will all increase in value past agility, this doesn't change the general recommendation to follow item level.

To get more specificly accurate answers to any gearing question, simulations are the by far best way, Raidbots makes it very simple to simply try two (or more) gear pieces.

Gearing rule of thumb:

  • Specific legendaries take priority almost all the time. (See legendary section for this)
  • Tier is almost always more important than stat concerns/ilvl, especially true if you only need to "downrank" a single item for a bonus.
  • Armour (Chest, Head, Back, Shoulder, Legs, Hands, Waist, Wrist): Outside of tier, follow item level. When picking between two items of the similiar item level (+-5 or -5 but with a socket or similiar). Prioritize versatility/crit > versatility / x > crit / x > other combinations
  • Jewellery (Rings, Neck): Item level is significantly less important, use the highest ilevel featuring versatility or crit (or ideally both) as the big stat.
  • Trinkets: Unfortunately, for trinkets item level is a near useless indication of power. Use an aggregating site such as https://bloodmallet.github.io/ or https://herodamage.com to get a general idea and simulate for further accuracy.


Because of the crucible it's hard to give general recommendations here, generally speaking any relic with Tear The Flesh/Razor Fangs/Feral Instincts are good baseline, and you should probably simulate the paths.


  • Rake / Rip / Berserk - +6 weapon (+30 relic)
  • Powerful Bite - +2 weapon (+10 relic)
  • Ashamanes Energy - +2 weapon (+10 relic) (but with heavily diminishing returns, do not stack this if you already have it)
  • Sharpened Claws / Thrashing Claws - Good/solid for aoe, bad for single-target. Hard to evaluate, as it would depend heavily on the fight/situation you are optimizing for. Sharpened Claws is almost always going to be slightly better than Thrashing Claws in practice, but both are similiar for most aoe situations.

Crucible Traits:

  • Torment The Weak - +9 weapon
  • Infusion of Light / Secure In The Light / Shadowbind - +8 weapon
  • Chaotic Darkness / Murderous Intent / Shocklight - +7 weapon
  • Master of Shadow / Light Speed - +5 weapon (and also have avoidance/speed which has a unranked utility value)
  • Dark Sorrow - +4 weapon (although it does more on aoe if you are lucky, but still avoid this)

The Crucible Weight addon can make this rough calculation for you in game and help you decide at a glance whether a relic is an upgrade or not: The string you want to use in it is:

cruweight^128860^ilvl^2608^210593^15480 6:16965 7:15985^210570^14645 6:15120 7:16140^252207^0^252091^13247^210590^0^210571^9128^210575^4598 6:5082 7:4965^253111^0^252875^20658^210631^14282 6:14184 7:14148^238048^1304^252191^17650^252922^9818^210579^4662 6:2772 7:588^252906^24487^210557^0^253093^21313^210637^7824^253070^21465^252888^18736^252799^16806^252088^12222^end


Use sites like http://bloodmallet.github.io/ or https://herodamage.com for an rough idea of power level, and then use specific simulations to compare your options (such as Raidbots's top gear).

In general can be said; Golganneth is clearly the best trinket, and you should use it basically all the time.

Of your options inside the raid, Seeping Scourgewing is the best single-target trinket - it's not an amazing trinket but its decent.

Specter of Betrayal from KJ is still a really good trinket for it's item level if you can overlap most/all of the ghosts which can sometimes be hard in practice.

Eye of Command also still packs a punch for its item level if you can maintain the stacks (with the help of mouseover macros its possible in most situations, but it is annoying and ups the skillcap a bit)

The only other really memorable trinket is Convergence of Fates, if you end up getting multiple incarnations you otherwise wouldn't (see below for a rough chart) it is still competetive but it has started falling of a bit at lower item levels.

Vial of Ceaseless Toxins, Chaos Talisman, Nightblooming Frond, Engine of Eradication and statsticks with crit or vers and several other old good trinkets are all also competetive with similiar item level trinket, so keep on to your big titanforges. It would quickly become rather complex to list out all of these potential combinations, so if you have a big titanforged trinket I strongly advice simming it.


On paper, Gorshalachs Legacy is a great AoE trinket - but it has one fatal flaw, the relatively rare random proc is very powerful but it is mostly uncontrollable (although if you track the stacks you can have a good idea of when its about to happen). If you can be confident that there will be aoe targets available WHEN it hits most of the time, it's a good choice - but in practice it risk being very situational compared to other aoe trinkets.

Forgefiend's Fabricator (Mine trinket) is decent, but is outshined in practice by almost any other good aoe trinket (Moonglaives, Digit, Void Stalkers Contract, Terrorbound Nexus, Jawbone), not a horrible choice since it drops at a high item level by default but also not likely to be amazing.


Basically unchanged, for single-target: Behemoth, Soul reign solidly on the top - although Chatoyant isn't that far behind mostly (And is slowly catching up to Soul with more gear). Cinidaria is still the fourth one out, worse in general than the above - but probably still a decent enough choice (or if you have 4+2 tier).

The new Crucible ring is decent IF you have good traits from crucible, but even in the best case scenario (TTW x3) it is still a noticable amount behind the other legendaries.

You can use Hero Damage to get a rough indication about how strong a certain setup is, but keep in mind that this site only give you a rough approximation, and not a personal comparison. (Use Raidbots for that)

For Cleave: Behemoth, Soul, Wildshaper are probably the 3 to talk about, with Luffa & Chatoyant being competetive depending on how the cleave works.

For AoE: Chatoyant & Luffa, with Soul and Behemoth not being far behind.


Large unchanged. As gear gets better; Bloodscent will fall off slightly and Lunar Inspiration will start to be progressively more competetive, but it is unlikely to massively overtake Bloodscent even at high item level. (If you actually care about very small optimizations, you should sim it yourself)

BT gets slightly better with T21, key there is "slightly" though - MoC is still very competetive (and can even sim ahead in some gear setups), and this is still a preference choice.

Jagged Wounds do get better with T21, but not enough better to overcome Incarnation.


Nothing has really change with the rotation, but there is a few things to keep in mind while using T21 4pc. Due to a bug, for special effects (like Predatory Swiftness proc chance and Behemoth Headress extension) it will count the current combo points you have instead of counting as 5 (which is how the damage counts). Therefore you will want to use Ferocious Bite at 4 (with BT) or 5 CP to get maximum benefit from this.

Convergence of Fates Timings

CoFTimings As you can see from above, the point were CoF is really strong is around certain timings, but if you are uncertain where you will land skipping it usually results in better numbers.

Boss Guides

Will be filled in later this week after I heroic has been cleared