Xanzaras Feral Corner

Legendary tier list

I'm cheating a bit here as this is not really a tierlist, but still this describes the various legendaries and when to use them. Generally speaking, all of these are within 2-3% on single-target, so it works out to be mostly about what alternative pieces you have (if you have really good gloves but weak rings, it might flip the priority for example)

The Wildshapers Clutch (Gloves)

Previous all-star, now after nerfs relegated to being a roleplayer - it is still solidly the best legendary on 2-3 target long living cleave and is still alright on Single-Target but is by no means required. It interacts quite poorly in practice with boots and I'd advice against using both normally.

Ailuros Pouncers (Boots)

The new all-star, provided you are using Bloodtalons, there are very few situations where this legendary would be directly bad. It is however not as strong as people sometimes believe. I'd certainly recommend using it both as it makes the rotation slightly easier and it's always at worst an alright choice.

Chatoyant Signet (Ring)

Got a minor buff, but is still mostly a situational choice. Really powerful on encounters where you have forced downtime from the boss for example as it allows you to store (pool) more energy while away from the boss. Additionally it simplifies cases when you could use a lot of Predator procs and can turn out to a solid dps increase in those cases.

Kiljaeden’s Burning Wish (Trinket)

Very solid trinket, like most stat sticks. Unless you have really good trinkets, it shouldn't be underestimated - the effect itself is mediocre unless you are on a big aoe fight, but just being a stat stick at a high ilevel makes it a compelling choice in many situations.

Cinidaria the Symbiote (Belt)

Probably the strongest patchwerk legendary effect, it's effect generating between 2-3% on a normal fight. Sometimes better (like on Odyn) and sometimes mediocre. The belt itself doesn't have a lot of stats which holds it back. Never really a bad choice, usually not going to be amazing either. Easy to use as it doesn't change anything for you and always performs decently. Good choice in a lot of cases.

Luffa Wrappings (Wrist)

The strongest legendary by a reasonable margin on fights where you use thrash a lot. Scales really well with targets, works well with both BrS and BT. You probably want to use it on most fights in Nighthold if you care about minmaxing your damage output. With T19 it gives you a small dps increase, not really worth using for pure single-target but it's a nice bonus on a fight with some AoE.

Fiery Red Maimers (Legs)

Solid (probably second best for patchwerk) single-target and good for 2-3 target cleave, being legs means it bring a lot of stats which increases it's relative value a lot compared to the other legendaries. Never really a bad choice, but can occasionally be a bit awkward to use.

Sephuz's Secret (Ring)

We have a lot of ways to proc it, but the problem with Sephuz is that haste is simply not that valuable to us, especially not in this proc form. The only legendary I'd actively recommend against.

Eko-Wraith, Creator of Worlds (Chest)

A big statstick, with a utility effect - Worth including in your Sims as the massive stats makes it competetive in a lot of cases - the effect itself carries no real dps increase normally so you have to evaluate the utility value of the effect.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus (Neck)

Same as Eko-Wraith, very solid statstick - can occasionally be worth it over a dps legendary, and never a horrible choice, but if you want to use it over something else will usually depend on how you evaluate the survival utility effect.

The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge (Boots)

Decent choice if you don't have 2 other legendaries, but otherwise not amazing. Additionally being in the boot slot is not a great spot to be as it then ends up competing with Ailuros Pouncers, alright for alts but I'd probably not bother getting it over something else


These always have to be simmed as the exact ranking heavily depends on the rest of your gear choices (stats, legendaries, etc) but this tierlist should provide an indication of what trinkets to even look at.

A tier

these trinkets are usually stronger than other choices at the same ilvl.
Kiljaeden's Burning Wish (although with the caveats from the legendary section)
Nightblooming Frond
Six-feather Fan
Eye of Command
Draught of Souls

B tier

these trinkets are usually good choices and can be better than the above situationally or if you get a higher ilvl.
Chaos Talisman
Bloodthirsty Instincts
Splinters of Aggronax
Tirathon's Betrayal
Stat sticks (such as Hunger of the Pack, Etheral Urn etc.)
Arcanogolem Digit
Convergence of Fates
Memento of Angerboda
Entwined Elemental Foci

C tier

Ok choices, but generally not top of the line choices
Chrono Shard
Nightmare Egg Shell
Tempered Egg Of Serpentix
Unstable Arcanocrystal (Although it's a lot better at 860 than it would be at say 900)
Horn of Valour

The rest

The rest is generally quite weak and should usually be avoided