Xanzaras Feral Corner

Here you'll find both my feral guide, simulations of various kinds and tips and tricks.

The Guides

Xanzaras Feral Guide (7.1.5)
This is my primary written guide, it is still mostly accurate for 7.2, and is the best starting point as it explains all core mechanics and describe the rotation.

Xanzaras Quicksheet for 7.1.5 update
This contains everything the experienced feral need to know to play in Nighthold and 7.1.5.

Trinket/Legendary quick tier list
Barring simming, this is the best way to figure which trinkets/legendaries are interesting and what their weaknesses and strengths are.

The Tools

Written guide to how to use Simulationcraft.

Video guide to how to use Simulationcraft
Both of these describe how to use Simulationcraft to determine your stat weights (The written guide by reddit user Balthalzarzo, and the video guide made by Bay of FinalBossTV) which is a decent way to compare different items.

Raidbots, is a way to run Simulationcraft in your browser (with no installation required!) with a easy-to-use interface. Allows you to easily compare Legendaries, Relics and Talents as well as producing stat weights. Highly recommended